Extra Activities

On a Windtrip fun never stops. Our sailing boats and our crew will ensure you never get bored and will keep suggesting water games and more diversions.
Wakeboard with Windtrips sailing boats differs from Wakeboard with high-speed boats in that it is hand-free, the rope that pulls you hooks in the belt around your waist. Thus sailing-boat-wakeboard simulates kiteboarding and you can try out your first waterstarts if you are a beginner or a backloop if you are advanced.
An important tip when you try ropepull is to make sure your bathing suit is firmly tied! A knotted rope can pull more than one person. As the boat accelerates the forces of friction and resistance in the water get stronger. When the last person lets the rope go it’s game over and the boat turns around to pick you up.
In case you feel restrained on the vessel there are more recreational surprises off of it. Inflated watertubes are tossed overboard and after you find a comfortable position on them you are pulled along behind the boat. If you are into speed then there is always the utility boat to pull you faster.
activities in greek islandsOn a Windtrip you can try your luck in fishing, mid-sail (trolling) or when the boat is anchored, with a line. As for underwater fishing you can bring your fishing gun along but make sure you have the relevant experience, qualifications and permits. Skiing is also a fun activity on a Windtrip when the sailing boat you have booked is equipped with the appropriate auxilliary boat. For Windsurfing and Diving you must have your own gear or make arrangements to rent from Windtrips.