Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the Kitesurfing sites visited on a Windtrip are secluded and thus without docking facilities (marina), which means that the sailing boat stays away from the shore, subject to wind forces ranging from moderate breeze to moderate gale (4 to 7 on the Beaufort scale).  The sailing boat’s Captain stays with the boat while the Kite Guide sees you safely to the shore in the auxiliary boat. While you Kitesurf the Kite Guide watches over you and helps you out so that you feel (and are) perfectly safe.
In Windtrips where arrangements for Kitesurfing lessons have been made, the Kite Guide has the extra role of the Instructor but only when the trainees are up to three. For four or more trainees a second Kite Guide – Instructor is needed aboard.

If you wish to add activities to your Windtrip then special gear is required. Apart from a wide variety of Kitesurfing gear, Windtrips rents Windsurfing, Diving or Fishing gear. In case you have a special gear request don’t hesitate to ask –we will do our best to provide it.

In all Greek Islands marinas are public and thus free of charge but if you prefer a private marina then you will have to cover the extra costs.

In case your trip is scheduled to run through the Korinth Canal, you have to cover the passage fees, 200€ to 400€ depending on the sailing boat’s length.

A Windtrip with a Catamaran or Monohull boat type is quite inexpensive in terms of fuel costs. With favourable wind the costs may not exceed 100€. In case of heavy use of the boat’s engines fuel costs can reach 300€ to 400€ depending on miles travelled, the boat’s mass and a fuel unit’s price at the given time. In case of a Motor Yacht fuel costs rise and can be calculated according to the particular boat’s manual.

Our boats sail out from harbours-bases located near international airports that handle numerous scheduled (Olympic Airways, Aegean Airlines) and chartered flights. If Athens is your starting point then you have many options (Emirates, British Airways, Czech Airlines, Swiss, KLM, Alitalia, Delta Airlines, Iberia, Air France, Lufthansa, US Airways, Air Arabia, Cyprus Airways). See more

Use the local transport system to get from the airport to the harbour or arrange with Windtrips for a mini bus. More here

The fees for the mini bus are not included in the sailing boat fees and vary according to the number of passengers and the distance.

Windtrips sailing boats come with a fully equipped kitchen so that you can cook your own meals. You may buy necessary supplies before sailing out and you can always shop or replenish supplies at supermarkets on harbours we meet along the way.

Windtrips can arrange for you the service of a cook which will come at an additional charge.

Choosing the right time of the year for your kitetrip is crucial for it to be successful. Simply follow the holiday or summer season that for Greek Islands is end of April to end of October.

Thermal winds animate Greek seas for all the summer season with “Meltemi” being the commonest. Actually Meltemi is regarded as the more intense thermal wind phenomenon globally and occurs in the Aegean Sea July to September, blowing from the North with intensity 5 to 8 on the Beaufort scale.

In August, a month of high holiday season, beaches are crowded and thus far from ideally suited to kitesurfing. Sailboats must return to the ports early in order to find an unoccupied space. And wind intensity is forbiddingly high.

Up to the first days of July and from September onwards weather conditions in Greece are optimal for a successful kitetrip. Local thermal wind patterns blow with intensity of 15 to 30 knots which is ideal for sailing and kitesurfing; vacationers free up beaches and harbours have plenty of parking space availability.