Kiteboarding lessons during a windtrip

Kiteboarding & kitesurfing Lessons in Greece

Kitesurfing lessons begin with basic theories of safety and flight, then follows practice with a trainer kite at the seaside. When you're ready for the water we will provide all necessary gear -a helmet, a life jacket, a protective vest -and the adventure starts. The kitesurf instructor is always by your side with a lifeboat on the ready to bring you back in case you find yourself far out in the sea.
Build your kitesurfing skills safely and effectively on a Windtrip.
On a Windtrip learning never stops. There is a TV screen onboard to watch kitesurfing video tutorials choosing from a rich DVD collection, available on all Windtrips sailing boats. The teacher and the captain are always there to answer your questions and share the secrets of kitesurfing.
What boosts the kitesurfing lesson’s effectiveness on a Windtrip is the sailing-boat-assisted waterstart. A line tied to the mast is hooked in your kite belt pulling you gently along. You learn to ride the board by surfing smoothly and safely in the sailing boat’s wake. This practice simulates the more demanding waterstart-with-a-kite and because it is easier you learn faster and with more success.