Cyclades islands kitetrip

Intro: Kitesurfing Trip in Cyclades islands

If cruising the open sea is a dream for you, moreover, if you feel active and adventurous then our activity cruises is what you' ve been looking for. specializes in kitesurfing & kiteboarding-themed cruises around the Aegean islands of Cyclades inspired by the  wind, the force filling our sails and kites.

Paros, Naxos, Mykonos, Santorini and other Aegean islands are destinations with kitesurf and kiteboard spots of world renown, with crystal clear waters and beautiful landscapes.

All trips are designed around kitesurfing but some last-minute fine-tuning  is always possible, the best adjusting to suit your desires and of course to factor in weather conditions. A variety of sailing boats is available, ranging from monohulls to catamarans or even luxurious cruising yachts.

Our services are designed to cover kiters of every level of expertise and various preferences. Downwind tour, kitesurfing where the waves hit the beach, free style kiteboarding at spots situated in landscapes of unique beauty or kite lessons at safe spots.

While surfing you can feel safe: your kite-guide (instructor) on a lifeboat will be at close range. And you can avoid the hassle of bringing your own gear along as we provide the newest kitesurfing gear for every level of expertise. This is also a chance to broaden your experience by testing alternative gear.

Our kite-guides (instructor) are excellent kitesurfers, IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certified, which presents you with the opportunity to advance your skill during your trip.

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The spots

Paros: An Island famous for a number of reasons but especially for the beach Pounda -hosted the PKRA (Professional Kiteboard Riders Association) World Tour 2005 and the Paros Kiteboarding World Cup 2006. As the saying goes “we never run out of air at Pounda beach”.

Naxos: The largest of the Cyclades Islands has more than 10 beaches ideal for kitesurfing.

Mykonos: Also known as “the island of winds” and for good reason. A small kite is applicable here. Just across lies the Island of Renea where we have discovered the perfect kite spot. Amazing blue waters and isolated sandy beach: just perfect.

Santorini: This volcano island offers wind and big waves: an opportunity for wave riding. After kiting we enter the caldera and from the old port we catch the cable railway to Fyra, to enjoy the most celebrated sunset. Feel free to join the collective applause when the sun fully sets.

Milos: The beach Achivadolimni is a meeting point for kitesurfers.

Kythnos: Kolona beach has a special characteristic: a strip of sand splits the sea in two, separating at the same time kitesurfers from kiteboarders and waveriding from freestyle.

There are more spots on the Islands of SerifosSifnos and Koufonissia -all Aegean Sea islands.

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Boat, Captain & Kiteguide, in partnership with, has at its disposal sailing boats of many types (monohulls, catamarans e.t.c), also luxurious Yachts. 

Our captain is a seasoned seaman: he has been sailing the Greek seas for the last ten years concluding ten or more trips and kitetrips each year. Passionate about kitesurfing and the Greek archipelago he has identified the best spots and knows expertly the local weather conditions.

The kiteguide will ensure that you kitesurf in safety. While you are kitesurfing he is on his lifeboat to guard, advise, teach and help you however possible.

Kite equipment

There is the possibility to rent or buy  kitesurfing gear from the extended collection. Learn more