Dodecanese kitetrip

Intro: Kitesurfing Trip at Dodecanese islands

We set sail for Southern Dodecanese (twelve islands). A place full of wind and ideal kitespots which, combined with the astonishing medieval architecture of the islands, is a true heaven on earth.

In a Southern Dodecanese kitetrip one can combine perfect sailing conditions with kitesurfing in magic beaches well known to kiteboarders around the globe such as Prasonisi and Kremasti in Rhodes island and Psalidi and Kefalos in Kos island. But the spots that are truly going to leave you speechless are the secret ones that we have discovered exploring virgin beaches and remote islets around the area.

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The spots

Rhodes: The island of the Knights is traditionally one of the best kiteboarding destinations  in the Mediterranean. Prasonisi in the south side is the most popular kitespot of the island with 5 kiteschools, and offers flat water one on one side of the beach and waveriding on the other one. The wind is constant  throughout the season with almost no days off. Kremasti is in the north near the capital of the island with the marina and accessible by boat or by car. Side-on winds prevail there. Depending on the wind direction, one can find many more spots in Rhodes including Ixia, Theologos, Fanes, Faliraki, Apolakia and Plimiri.

Kos: A famous island for its nightlife, not without a reason. Thousands of visitors come to party here every summer. But there are many choices during daytime also. Right next to the capital lies Psalidi beach, a wonderful kitespot that can also serve as a start for a downwind kite session following our sailing yacht towards Kefalos in the south side of the island. There one can enjoy waveriding in the north beach or flat water freestyle riding in the south beach. Tigaki, Mastichari, Marmari, Cochilari and Theologos are other fantastic kitespots of the island.

Nisyros:   A beautiful island of volcanic origin that will seduce you. An inhabited adjacent islet is a unique kitespot

Simi: One of the most graphic islands of the area with an amazing capital and a bunch of remote beaches for kiteboarding.

Tilos: A unique island for downwind sessions between beautiful sandy beaches.

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Boat, Captain & Kiteguide, in partnership with, has at its disposal sailing boats of many types (monohulls, catamarans e.t.c), also luxurious Yachts. 

Our captain is a seasoned seaman: he has been sailing the Greek seas for the last ten years concluding ten or more trips and kitetrips each year. Passionate about kitesurfing and the Greek archipelago he has identified the best spots and knows expertly the local weather conditions.

The kiteguide will ensure that you kitesurf in safety. While you are kitesurfing he is on his lifeboat to guard, advise, teach and help you however possible.

Kite equipment

There is the possibility to rent or bay kitesurfing gear from the extended collection. Learn more

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