Ionian islands kitetrip

Intro: kitesurfing Trip in Ionian Islands

Ionian Sea is an arm of the Mediterranean Sea at Greece’s west coast. The Ionian Sea Islands are gorgeous and the wind patterns that prevail in these waters create excellent conditions for successful Kitesurfing Trips.
The Islands of Kerkyra (Corfu), Paxoi, Lefkas, Ithaki and Zakinthos (Zante) will seduce you with turquoise coloured waters and their long beaches of fine sand. Wind here is reliably constant, blowing at 15-30 knots, ideally suited to kitesurfing and sailing.
Windtrips’ sailing boats and crew members are first-rate and everyone in your group is in for a thrill, what with the large and safe beaches for kitesurfing lessons, the narrow channels for downwind “escapes” or kitespots of global renown with hundreds of kites swerving overhead.
While surfing you can feel safe: your kite-guide (instructor) on a lifeboat will be at close range. And you can avoid the hassle of bringing your own equipment along as we provide the newest kitesurfing gear for every level of expertise.
Our kite-guides (instructor) are IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certified, which presents you with the opportunity to advance your skill during your trip.

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The spots

This Island is gifted with ideal beaches for kitesurfing. On the east side on a strong wind there are two spots to choose from depending on the wind’s direction.  On Dasia bay there is Dafnila beach with palm trees and olive trees and the Lefkimi lagoon, a transit point for thousands of migrating flamingos -Lefkimi is an officially protected area. On the West coast the beaches Halikounas and Issos are the most popular spots while on the north coast of the island, Aharavi is the preferred choice on a mild blowing Northern wind.

Leaving the islands and approaching the coast of mainland Greece, outside the bay of Ambrakikos one finds long beaches with side-on wind ideal for extensive downwind surfing. Loutsa, Vrahos, Liya, Ferouli, Kastrosikia, Monolithi and Kanali are some of the beaches on this coastline of about 30 kilometers.

Noone needs a weather forecast here: every day at noon we rendezvous with a NorthWest wind, intensity 15 to 25 knots. Aghios Ioannis is a spot of high repute, evident by the hundreds of kites flying above the beach in July and August. A quieter spot for kiteboarding is Aghios Nikolaos with flat water where one gets the chance to try out newly learned moves.

The straits of Ithaki-Kefalonia
The spot is of unique beauty with turquoise coloured waters. The straits produce the phenomenon known as venduri which is ideal for downwind kiteboarding. There is no beach though and this raises the difficulty for beginners and even more advanced kiters.

This is Ionian Sea’s largest Island with dazzlingly beautiful beaches. The spot to visit is Skala, at the island’s southernmost point.

Generally unsuited for kitesurfing but still: the spot Tsilivi features a constant wind current of 15-25 knots even though the spot is also a favourite for swimmers.

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Boat, Captain & Kiteguide, in partnership with, has at its disposal sailing boats of many types (monohulls, catamarans e.t.c), also luxurious Yachts.
Our captain is a seasoned seaman: he has been sailing the Greek seas for the last ten years concluding ten or more trips each year, not counting kitetrips. Passionate about kitesurfing and the Greek archipelago he has identified the best spots and knows expertly the local weather conditions.
The kiteguide is the person who ensures that you kitesurf in safety. While you are kitesurfing he is on his lifeboat to guard, advise, teach and help you however possible.


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