Kite safari in Greece June 2015

Windtrips team decicated to provide to you the best kite safaris in Greece gives you the opportunity to participate in one  of the scheduled road kite trips for summer 2015

Kite-safari Greece 13-20 June 2015

In june we have nice thermal winds mostly at the western part of Greece. From day 1 we are going to chase the thermals and we are going to explore many different aspects of kiteboarding riding flat spots, decent waves and downwinds and visit the best kite spots Greek mainland has to offer. Kiteboarding as a local to every spot is another story. Actually you are going to be Greek for a week , making new friends , eat and sleep were locals do and embrace the hidden treasures of Greece. We are going to meet at Athens International Airport/ International Airport of Araxos or Aktion  on 13th of June 2015 and start immediately to cruise around trying to find the best beaches according to the forecast. The kite guided is going to help you with anything you need (including kiteboarding), but for proper lessons you will have an extra charge. If you don’t have equipment or you want to rent something just send us an email. Other activities like mtb downhill , SUP , inflatable speedboats are optional.
Some of the spots we are going to visit is Drepano, Lefkada (St.John , St.nikolas), Elafonissos, Pilos, Nafplio and many more according to the wind. The last day the 20th of July we are going to head back to athens/araxos to catch your flight or continue your vacations in Greek Islands.

The price for this week is 1360 Euro/Person for 4 people (1100 Euro/Person for 6 people)

Price Includes :

  • Transfer to and from the airport
  • Accomodation
  • Breakfast/dinner
  • Car hire
  • Gasoline / Tolls
  • Kite Guide / Driver
  • Test new equipment 2015 (Cabrinha / North / Ocean Rodeo)


Price not include :

  • Nightlife - drinks
  • Shopping

For larger or smaller groups send us an email and we will be more than happy to make a custom kite trip for you@!. Lessons can be provided upon request with extra charge.


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