Kiteboarding Road trip Safari in Greece

If you really want to see the best kitespots around the mainland of Greece, then come with us for a guided kiteboarding road-trip. Kite ,eat, sleep where the locals do and chase the wind. Everyday is a new adventure to some of the best unknown spots around. Get the chance to see the real greece and not only the crowded tourists places

South Route

In the South Route kiteboarding safari you will have the chance to see Peloponnese , the southest part of the mainland of Greece. We can pick you up from Athens or Kalamata both cities with international airports. You will kite in shallow bays to practise your first steps in kiteboarding, small offshore flat spots to practice your freestyle moves, we are going to ride crystal clear waters and if we are lucky some good waves. With strong winds we will be able to do some downwind trips (according to your skills) from 2 to 10 miles

North Route

In the North Route kiteboarding safari you will have the chance to see a place called Sterea Ellada which is the central part of Greece. Starting from Athens, Aktion or Araxos (all of these place have International airports with charters) we will schedule our trip according to the wind. Flat spots, downwinds , lagoons , nice sandy beaches , popular spots, secret spots and nice-steady thermal wind are some key points for this amazing kite trip/safari. You will taste the Greek hospitality staying at beautiful hostels/apartments or at luxurious hotels. According to your skills and your strength we can kite almost every day of our kite trip or we can relax sightseeing or S.U.Paddling to the beautiful greek waters.


This is the most popular kite-trip/safari. We are going to pick you up from the airport and we will just hit the road and chase the wind. We can guarantee 95% of wind during the trip because we are kiting all year round in the mainland for more than 7 years now, so we know every little detail to be able to kite every day. Again we will find flat spots, waves and downwind cruises to our route. Unfortunately we can not budget accurately this trip because we don’t know where and when we will find the proper wind  to kite. Even if you have two days free in your program call or send us an email (At least 24 hours before) and we will arrange everything for you.

Kiteboarding Lessons

If you are experienced kiters then the wind is going to be our guide but If you need kiteboarding lessons we will customize the trip in order to have the best condition for you to learn how to kite. In Accosiation with we are going to provide lessons for you and give you all the necessary equipment (kites, boards, helmets, harnesses, wetsuits). All of our instructors are IKO certified and we use Radio-helmets throughout the lessons since we believe its the best way to teach someone.

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