Terms and conditions

Starting and finishing ports are the same, unless specifically stated. Duaration of charters is in 7-day intervals (7 days, 14 days etc). For odd day charters, please make enquiry, and if possible, we will try to accommodate you. Weekends and 3-day charters are usually possible in Period D.

Two weeks prior to the charter, please send us:

  • Number of passengers, Flight number and estimated time of arrival
  • Crew-list (stating passport numbers, full addresses and emergency phone numbers)
  • Copies of skipper's and co-Skipper's licenses (2) or sailing resume
  • Provision list (upon request)

It is required that the Skipper and co-Skipper should have the originals and copies of their sailing licenses or their sailing resumes upon embarkation.

The catamarans are insured under the Greek Law for boat, passengers and third party liabilities, less a deductible amount, which is covered by the Refundable Security Deposit.

The Refundable Security Deposit, will be returned to you in full as the end of your trip, provided there is no damage to the boat. It is payable at the base prior to boat embarkation by one of the following manners:

  • Traveler's cheques
  • Eurocheques (in €, each with a maximum of €140)
  • Bank Certified Cheque/Banker's Draft in foreign currency
  • Cash (in the contract currency)
  • Credit Card - VISA card is accepted

Personal checks of any kind are not acceptable.

Embarkation/check in time is at 17.00 hours, on Saturdays.
Disembarkation/check out time is at 09.00 hours on Saturdays, unless otherwise pre-arranged.
The boat should be returned to the agreed base one day prior to the termination of the charter, latest by 18.00 Athens time.

The Cancellation Policy is as follows:

  • An Expense Cover of €150 will be levied in case of cancellations taking place after the signing of the Charter Party and up to 90 days prior to embarkation.
  • Fee of 30% of the total charter cost for cancellations between 90 and 60 days prior to embarkation.
  • Fee of 50% of the total charter cost for cancellations between 60 and 30 days prior to embarkation.
  • Fee of 100% of the total charter cost for cancellations up to 30 days prior to embarkation.

In case the catamaran under cancellation is re-chartered, we guarantee the return of the cancellation fee, provided the catamaran is chartered under the same conditions.

We deliver the catamarans clean, with fuel and water tanks full and 2 gas bottles, upon embarkation. Charterers are required to deliver the boat with fuel tanks full and in reasonably clean condition.

Click to view a draft of a Charter Party

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