What is the role of the Kite Guide on a Windtrip?

Most of the Kitesurfing sites visited on a Windtrip are secluded and thus without docking facilities (marina), which means that the sailing boat stays away from the shore, subject to wind forces ranging from moderate breeze to moderate gale (4 to 7 on the Beaufort scale).  The sailing boat’s Captain stays with the boat while the Kite Guide sees you safely to the shore in the auxiliary boat. While you Kitesurf the Kite Guide watches over you and helps you out so that you feel (and are) perfectly safe.
In Windtrips where arrangements for Kitesurfing lessons have been made, the Kite Guide has the extra role of the Instructor but only when the trainees are up to three. For four or more trainees a second Kite Guide – Instructor is needed aboard.